Agricultural Business Bookkeeping Services

Strategic Bookkeeping for More Profits and Peace of Mind

Do you feel like you’re making money, but somehow never seem to have cash on hand for paying invoices?

Have you spent hours checking the math and looking for lost transactions without feeling like your books get any cleaner?

Does your bookkeeper focus on paying as few taxes as possible instead of helping you find your profits?

Your financials don’t have to keep you up at night.

At Kitchen Table Consultants (KTC), our proven process has helped over 100 farms and food businesses get organized and get relief.

Whether you’re currently trying to manage the books yourself or you’ve hired someone (and you’re not sure it’s helping), you’re in the right place.

Food and farm business budget

Our clients are typically…

  1. Struggling with cash flow
  2. Unsure where they’re actually making money or where to focus attention to drive profits
  3. Juggling out-dated or disorganized books
  4. Trying to raise capital

And they want to do things like…

  • Build a new pack house
  • Buy a new delivery van
  • Expand a product line
  • Hire a marketing consultant
  • Give out bonuses to the team
  • Apply for funding
  • Sell products online
  • And more
One-on-One Coaching for Small Producers

Achieve your business goals with strategic bookkeeping

Rebecca is a whiz! She has saved us countless hours of headaches. Working with her we revolutionized our Quickbooks Chart of Accounts, creating categories and spreadsheets for tracking our sales and expenses. For the first time in our four years of business, our reports finally made sense when we looked at them. We created a streamlined farmers market inventory system, and learned how to clearly track both online, farmers’ market, and wholesale income. Suddenly all of the numbers that we had be spending so much time inputting into Quickbooks were clear, accessible, and valuable.

Carly Dougherty

Owner, Food and Ferments

Ted jumped right in with us right where we were at with our small farm business. Within a few sessions we were working towards clarified business goals supported by a profit and loss statement that actually meant something. He is practical, creative, incisive, and driven to provide real value. But finding weekly consults to be fun has been the biggest surprise.

Roy Brubaker

Owner, Blue Rooster Farm

Here’s how we help


Take inventory of the current finances and restructure the books.
Identify where the business stands financially at the moment and make bookkeeping manageable.


Set goals and develop simple accounting protocols.
Find weak points, leverage opportunities to build efficiency and organization into existing processes, and guide the business forward.


Meet monthly for a one-on-one financial review.
Gain control of the business’s success with a clear understanding of what’s happening financially.

Bookkeeping Pricing

Bookkeeping Pricing 

Fees for all systems and platforms (QBO, payroll, bill payment, sales platforms, etc.) are all client responsibilities and are not included in our bookkeeping service rates.

Initial Assessment

This is the first phase in our journey toward strengthening your organization’s financials. We will:

  1. Define your company’s financial objectives and set bookkeeping-specific goals. 
  2. Analyze current processes and identify possibilities for improvement.
  3. Review and plan your Chart of Accounts.
  4. Determine how much prior clutter needs to be cleaned up to get your books into shape for a fresh start.
  5. Create a personalized bookkeeping master plan for ongoing upkeep.

Fees for our initial deep-dive into your books will vary based on the volume of accounts and transactions as well as the level of complexity for getting things up to date and straightened out. When we prepare a proposal for your specific needs, we are transparent about what’s covered and what we think needs to be addressed. Plus, our fees are spread out over the whole contract term so you don’t have to pay more upfront to just get started.

Pricing starts at $450/month

Some examples of typical ongoing bookkeeping tasks we handle for a farm with 1 checking account and 1 credit card account and about 75 total transactions per month.

  • Monthly bank reconciliations, including review and maintenance of uncleared transactions
  • Entering monthly summarized sales data from the online store
  • Customized monthly financial statements with a personal review
  • QuickBooks transaction posting based on bank data
  • Summarizing transactions requiring review & updating QBO based on follow-up
  • Monthly custom financial reports and 1×1 review

Beyond the basics, we can also “bolt-on” these additional options (and more, if needed!):

  • Payroll using a third-party platform
  • AP Management: Vendor bill entry and payment processing using a third-party platform
  • AR Management: Invoice write-up, applying payments, and managing AR balances
  • Assistance with sales platform setup/management (Shopify, Farmigo, etc.) related to financial processes
  • Budget tracking and management
  • Cash flow projection
  • Fractional Controller services

Unlock Your Business’s Full Potential: Explore Our Comprehensive Consulting Services

Please note: All prices will vary depending on individual needs and the volume of your business. A minimum 6-month agreement is required.

We’re a perfect fit if:

  • You feel ready to expand or launch a new product, and need help analyzing your books for opportunities.
  • You are selling or transitioning ownership and need a good handle on the finances and business value.
  • You’ve been managing your finances for years, but wish you’d had hired a bookkeeper a long time ago.

We can help with that.

Pre-paid Bookkeeping Support

Do you need assistance cleaning up your books and getting things in order? Take advantage of our flexible pre-paid time options!

  • Available in 2- and 4-hour blocks
  • Can be a combination of consulting with you and independent work
  • Option to share your screen on Zoom or give us direct access to your file

It’s simple: Just visit our Calendly link below, where you will be prompted to select a time that works best for you and make an easy online payment.

Exclusive QuickBooks Online Offer

Are you new to QuickBooks Online or simply looking to improve your accounting system? Enjoy 20% off the retail price for life through KTC.**

This offer is available to new QuickBooks Online accounts, including those who are:

  • Entirely new to QuickBooks.
  • Moving from the desktop version. (We can import your entire history!)
  • Already in QuickBooks Online but wanting a fresh start.*

What You Receive:

  • Monthly No-hassle Auto-pay: To receive our discount, your account will be set up with monthly auto-pay.
  • 20% Discount: Unlike other discounts, KTC’s does not expire and will apply as long as your account is on our wholesale account.

Subscription Options

  • QBO Essentials: Regularly $60/month | KTC’s Price: $51/month
  • QBO Plus: Regularly $90/month | KTC’s Price: $77/month
  • Advanced: Regularly $200/month | KTC’s Price: $170/month

*A new QBO account will be created and we can import lists (i.e., clients, vendors, chart of accounts).  This leaves behind any messy transaction data and makes space for easily re-organizing the chart of accounts, budgets, resetting the balance sheet, etc. Note: your old QBO account is accessible for 1 year after the last payment so your entire history is still accessible for that time period

Please note: If for any reason payment is not processed, the QB account will be put on hold. Data for accounts on hold are accessible via regular logins for up to one year and can be re-activated at any time within that year.

**Prices are subject to change based on current retail rates. QB Wholesale agreement guarantees 20% off the retail price for life. You will be notified ahead of time of any price changes.