Case Studies

Learn how we’ve helped each of these clients.


We have the privilege of working with some of the best folks around ~ here is what some of our clients have said about working with us:

I cannot say enough about the help that Ted and his team provided — and continues to provide — to our business.  We were fortunate to receive some technical assistance grant funding… but have continued to engage Ted via a retainer after the initial work was completed.  In hindsight, he has provided 2 to 3 times the value that was spent.  As they say, “you don’t know what you don’t know” and now that I can look back, I would have/should have sought out this kind of support long ago… and no, I don’t earn a commission — just very grateful.

Mike Koch

Co-Founder + President, FireFly Farms

When farmers tell me they are having trouble “getting a handle on their business”, I know who to call. Kitchen Table Consultants bring financial acumen, organizational expertise, and superior listening skills to these kitchen table meetings. With every referral, they have been able to have an immediate, positive impact on the farm business and on the farmers’ ability to make sound decisions.

Marilyn Anthony

Restauranteur, Social Entrepreneur and Food Activist

Working with KTC is some of the best money we’ve ever spent! Since working with Rebecca, our sales have grown by 40%. Just as importantly, we are gaining a deeper understanding of our business numbers, where we want to head next, and a roadmap of how we can get there.


When you run a business, your time is precious. There were so many demands on our time, we barely had time to look for an accounting class, much less take one. Finding KTC was the answer we’d been looking for. They took our business and tailored solutions precisely to our unique needs and priorities. There was no sifting thru useless material that didn’t apply, just direct support and information focused right where we needed it most. They were professional and flexible, and willing to re-prioritize as our needs evolved.

Rebecca is a whiz! She has saved us countless hours of headaches. Working with her we revolutionized our Quickbooks Chart of Accounts, creating categories and spreadsheets for tracking our sales and expenses. For the first time in our four years of business, our reports finally made sense when we looked at them. We created a streamlined farmers market inventory system, and learned how to clearly track both online, farmers’ market, and wholesale income. Suddenly all of the numbers that we had be spending so much time inputting into Quickbooks were clear, accessible, and valuable.

So many of the stressful questions that once kept me up at night have been able to get clarified and worked out on paper through this process. Thanks to KTC, we’re now able to grow with more clarity, confidence and optimism!

Carly Dougherty

Owner, Food and Ferments

Ted jumped right in with us right where we were at with our small farm business. Within a few sessions we were working towards clarified business goals supported by a profit and loss statement that actually meant something. He is practical, creative, incisive, and driven to provide real value. But finding weekly consults to be fun has been the biggest surprise.

Roy Brubaker

Owner, Blue Rooster Farm

In 2012, we hired Kitchen Table Consultants to help us craft a business plan for our new not-for-profit organization. Not only did Ted interview each member of our Board in depth, but he undertook a sector analysis both locally, regionally and nationally, and got to know a significant number of the players in our field of sustainable agriculture in southeastern PA and beyond. Ted’s assistance has continued to be essential to our moving forward with our organization, although we were smart enough to bring him onto our Board and thus have the benefit of his wisdom on a regular basis.

Laura Siena

Board Chair, Lundale Farm

We love KTC for their supreme marriage counseling skills. Ted professionally breaks down communication and tasks into manageable to-do lists and holds us accountable in our own businesses. Jen helped us mentally shift focus and get out of our marketing bubble. Really, KTC helped us to stop stumbling over the same habits we’ve picked up through the years that were holding us back.

Alison P. Howard

Owner, Homestead Farms, Inc.

After months of trying to figure out if we actually needed a consultant, we hired Kitchen Table Consultants because we were impressed with Rebecca’s honest approach and ‘roll up her sleeves and get to work’ attitude. Since then, she has done exactly that; from walking through our financials with us, creating analyses to make hiring and business investment decisions to being a sounding board for the tough issues. She will jump in and take on any project in order to get to the bottom of a big decision. She’s become someone we can trust to give us the ‘No BS’ answer and it is obvious that she truly cares about our success. Looking back, I sometimes wonder how we made decisions without Rebecca. She and Kitchen Table Consultants are worth every cent!

Fulper Family Farmstead

Our master plan was the most important planning process we’ve ever undertaken, and KTC’s partnership made a huge difference in making it a great success. Rebecca’s outstanding and relevant expertise in food, farming, and hospitality was critical to helping us think through all the necessary questions and considerations, and her thorough market research and financial projections really helped us conceptualize our future in more practical terms. It was great working with her every step of the way on our business case summary, which now forms the foundation of our plans moving forward. Both Rebecca and Jen really helped us make an effective case to stakeholders that we have an amazing opportunity here to do something very special, and we are excited to continue working with Rebecca and KTC to turn this vision into reality!

Jakir Manela

Executive Director, Pearlstone Center

We Ghee Gals are always in need of business expertise for the continued success of Simply Ghee. Having the chance to work with Rebecca was such a blessing. From understanding our true costs and what that meant in terms of distribution, realizing the unlimited opportunities for selling our products; establishing an effective budget to taking Quick Books by the horns; Rebecca’s guidance was gentle, kind and so supportive. We give Kitchen Table Consultants the credit for helping us establish a solid foundation so the only way Simply Ghee can go is UP!

Bev Martin & Nancy Rohrer

The Ghee Gals, Simply Ghee, LLC

Our business almost waited too long before bringing Kitchen Table Consultants on board and I encourage you to not make the same mistake. Ted LeBow has a keen knack to first listen and learn about each client’s’ unique business challenges and he then will deliver a customized plan and focus your attention where it needs to be focused. Ted and the KTC team have a broad range of experience to bring to your “table”. Small or large, short-term or long-term, Kitchen Table Consultants will help you achieve your business goals.

Regina Marinelli

General Manager, Agri-Dynamics, Inc.

“I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”

– Thomas A. Edison