Advising & Coaching

It is true that it’s lonely at the top. Our business owner/organizational leader advising and coaching provides lasting results through a relationship built on trust, honest communication and consistency. A schedule of weekly meetings allows us to become a “partner without equity” in your business. We are there when you need us, day or night and we will roll up our sleeves, ask the hard questions and won’t quit until we get to the bottom of the real issues that are holding you back, and keeping you up at night.

Rhythm of communication that keeps issues on the table until they are resolved.

  • Appropriate, clear, achievable metrics.
  • Clear sense of accountability.
  • A critical eye, without judgement.

Outcome: You understand how to make business decisions based on hard data, how to assess opportunities and make smart, informed business decisions. You have a trusted, objective advisor to work through the challenges you face in your business and with your team. You are able to successfully work on, rather than in, your business and know where you are, and are not making money.

Case Study: The Family Cow