Registration for San Diego Farming for Profit No Cost Finance Workshop & Business Coaching closed at midnight on March 7, 2019. Please submit any questions or inquiries you may have about the program to Rebecca Frimmer via the contact form below. Thank you!

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San Diego Farming for Profit

No Cost Finance Workshop & Business Coaching

It’s really lonely at the top. Wouldn’t it be nice if you had consistent, easy access to an expert who understands how it feels to be in your seat and can offer valuable solutions to your challenges?

This farm financial mentorship program, designed by Kitchen Table Consultants (KTC) with support from Community Health Improvement Partners (CHIP), will enroll a small group of diversified San Diego County specialty crop growers in collaborative and expert-led quarterly workshops, plus monthly coaching.


In entrepreneurial development, there’s nothing as valuable as an organized group of peers being brutally honest about their operations and sharing their shortcomings and successes. San Diego Farming for Profit is structured to open these channels of communication and facilitate candidness among participants. Unlike other farm business programs, SDF4P will help all farm business owners get better at what they’re doing, whether in good times or bad. It will enable farmers to maximize current strengths and uncover potential assets, pushing them to do things that they wouldn’t necessarily do without the support of a reliable network. In addition to elevating their knowledge and business toolkit, farmers will gain commiserators, collaborators, and even business partners for their future success.


The roundtable program will consist of:

Four quarterly group sessions in 2019, beginning April 10. Sessions will be Wednesdays from 10 to 1:30, with a networking lunch included.

Regular one-on-one technical assistance and coaching check-ins for each participant (virtual or on-site) in 2019 and 2020.

Communications, surveys, and data collection with participants throughout 2019 and 2020.



Email [email protected].

Participating growers can anticipate marked improvements in sales and profitability, while building a strong foundation for long-term financial success, and securing a network of industry experts and fellow farmers that you can lean on for a lifetime. 

Rolling admission will continue until midnight on March 7, 2019.



What Makes Farming for Profit So Special?

Know How You're Making Money

Discover how your farm business can earn enough money to outweigh the cost of production with scenario budgeting tools.

No More Guess Work

Learn how to use a crop costing model for assessing and forecasting your true costs by crop to ensure you’re selling for a profit.

Useful Take Home Tools

Gain access to proven business planning tools and templates, like proprietary Chart of Accounts and Budgeting Process, with support to implement and customize them for your farm business.

See Answers, Not Just Numbers

Review your financials with clarity and turn to your books for informed decision making – know with confidence what IS and ISN’t working

Find Confidence with Comparisons

Determine if your numbers are on track with other farms with our quarterly financial benchmarking reports.


Continued, Easy Access to Experts

Get up to two years of one-on-one mentorship in designing and applying farm financial strategies for optimizing your profitability.

Form Lasting, Meaningful Bonds

Join a training program that will leave you with a solid network of other farmers who you can turn to in times of need, for collaborating and commiserating.


Break Bread with Like Minded Peers

Join a training program that will leave you with a solid network of other farmers who you can turn to in times of need, for collaborating and commiserating.



Is Farming for Profit for You?


Diversified Specialty Crop Farmer

Your farm is located in San Diego County (or the surrounding area) and your operation involves diversified specialty crop.


Use an Electronic Accounting System

If you’re not currently using a form of electronic accounting (like QuickBook Online, you must be willing to begin using one immediately.


Seeking Long-Term Farm Profitability

You’re in it for the long haul and, whether in good times or bad, you want to get better (and be the best) at what you’re doing.



Develop skills and acquire tools that enable you to

create effective strategies, optimize farm profitability,

and comfortably sustain your operation.

Practical Tools

Take home a thumb drive with resources that can be immediately implemented to improve your operations. 

Monthly Coaching

Connect with an expert mentor for up to two years to design and apply your customized farm financial strategies.

Financial Roundtable

Anonymously compare your numbers to other diversified farmers in the group.  

Expert Insight

Receive clear, direct, and exclusive guidance on a topic of the group’s choice from a seasoned professional.

Fresh Ideas

Join a group discussion, facilitated by a KTC professional with firsthand experience, that includes subject matter experts, experienced local farmers, and others in the field.

Technical Training

Review crop costing, whole farm budgeting, enterprise budgeting, benchmarking, and bookkeeping, with an emphasis on HOW your farm business makes a profit.


Farmers Speak from Experience

This workshop was really valuable for us – perhaps the most beneficial learning opportunity of all we attended last year. Specifically, the framework on how to assess profitability provided by the KTC staff as well as the spreadsheet tools were both instantly useful in our decision making for this season. As a result, we were able to make some strategic growth and pursue new outlet opportunities with confidence.

Heidi Witmer

Executive Director & Farm Director, The LEAF Project

We got to a point where we needed to take a long hard look at everything that was going to be involved in making the [institutional wholesale] transition. The sales pipeline template was really helpful in keeping myself organized as the primary person in charge of acquiring new business and keeping good contact with existing customers. In addition to that, a lot of the discussion and having some time to woodshed with other producers and other growers was really helpful as well.

Ben Wenk


In addition to elevating your knowledge and bulking up your business toolbox, farmer attendees will gain like-minded collaborators, commiserators, and even business partners for future, long term success.

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