High-Impact Projects You Can Tackle During the Busy Season

Running a farm or food business is no small feat. Early mornings spent caring for crops and late nights managing orders make it hard to focus on strategic business planning. But without a clear plan, maintaining growth and financial stability becomes a gamble.

Think of it this way: those financial snags and growth plateaus that happen to every business won’t untangle themselves. Strategic planning isn’t just another item on your to-do list—it’s the backbone of your success.

Here’s the good news: you don’t need to pause everything to focus on these tasks. Not all strategic planning requires sifting through spreadsheets for hours on end.

With our High Impact, Low Time (HILT) projects, we focus on delivering maximum value with minimal disruption to your busy schedule.

We’ve designed our services with your hectic day-to-day in mind. We take on the complex planning and analysis; you keep your hands in the soil and your products moving to market.

“Working with Kitchen Table Consultants has transformed our business from one that is growing using pure intuition to one that has numbers to inform our intuition. The consultants maintained respect for our ‘gut instincts’ around our business, but helped us answer big questions, set realistic goals, and built us tools to help us manage our business model and budget.”

– Ranchito Milkyway

What Are HILT Projects?


HILT projects are designed to help you without compromising your day-to-day activities.

These projects: 

  • Have a high impact on your business without requiring you to spend lots of time in the office
  • Benefit all types of farms and food businesses
  • Provide tangible outcomes that you can implement immediately
  • Are designed to drive business growth

Who It Benefits

You’re ready for a HILT project if:

  • You’re a dairy, livestock, or vegetable farmer, or a value-added product producer like a baker, jam maker, or ice cream shop
  • Struggling to become or stay profitable
  • Taking your business to the next level

HILT Projects

Budget Development


  • Creating a detailed budget is crucial for tracking and managing your financial health. It’s a strategic roadmap that helps you forecast future revenue and manage expenses.
  • This is a must-have if you want a clear financial picture to prepare for future growth. Ideal for businesses at any stage, especially if you’re experiencing financial uncertainty or want to expand.

Competitive Pricing Research


  • Competitive pricing research helps make sure you’re not undervaluing or overpricing your products. It’s about finding that sweet spot that attracts customers and maximizes profits.
  • This project is perfect if you’re launching new products or want to adjust existing prices to match the market better.

Costing Analysis


  • Cost analysis shows you all the costs of producing your goods, from raw materials to final product delivery. It’s key to optimizing your pricing and maximizing margins.
  • Highly recommended if you want to improve profitability or if you’re considering changes in production processes or suppliers. Skip if you’re already confident in your cost structures and margins.

We can’t harvest your crops, feed your livestock, or fulfill your orders, but we can streamline your business planning. When you start a High Impact, Low Time project with us, you can continue managing your daily operations while also ensuring your business thrives.

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