We’re Looking for More of Us


We are a collective of entrepreneurs and food industry experts dedicated to transforming our food system. We work toward this goal by sharing real world experience with other entrepreneurs and organizational leaders, that will help them be successful on their own terms. We focus on the business side of food and farming, from bookkeeping support to strategic plans and most everything in between. 

When we can’t meet the needs of a particular project or client with someone from our core team, we check our line — it’s always in the water.

We’re fishing for entrepreneurial spirits who are eager to work on exciting and meaningful projects. You long for the camaraderie of professionals who can match your drive while balancing out your skill set, and you appreciate operational support that helps keep your work on scope, budget, and time. But you definitely don’t want to forfeit your independence and the things that make you YOU.

Sound like a line you want to be on?

Then get to know the people you could work with.

“Farming is a profession of hope”

– Brian Brett