Webinar: 5 Things You Didn’t Know About
Value-Added Producer Grants

Watch the webinar hosted by Kitchen Table Consultants, Taste Profit Marketing, and Stewards Unlimited for an in-depth exploration of the USDA’s VAPG program.

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This webinar is for you if you have a…

– Stable business

– Clear vision of how you want to grow and what you need to accomplish to get there

– Product that will bring in increased revenue once you add value to it

– Connection to your target market and the proper scale to reach it 

About Value-Added Producer Grants

There are two types of Value-Added Producer Grants: Planning and Working Capital.

Planning Grants can be used for…

  • marketing plans
  • business plans
  • feasibility studies

Maximum grant amount: $75,000

Working Capital Grants can be used for…

  • processing and production costs
  • some inventory and salary expenses
  • marketing and advertising costs

Maximum grant amount: $250,000

There is a 1:1 matching requirement for all funds awarded. The match can be cash or in-kind.
VAPG grants are highly competitive and it can take up to a year to complete the application.
Read the full grant description from the USDA