We offer a critical eye

Without judgement.

How Do We Help?

We work alongside you to build your business.

We bring real world business experience.

We’ve walked a mile in your shoes.

Helping passionate farmers and food artisans build lasting, profitable, locally-focused businesses.


Our Four Tenets

1. We’ve walked a mile in your shoes.

Our team has spent more time in the trenches than consulting. We know what it feels like to make payroll, hire, fire, motivate, sell and run businesses.

2. There’s no BS.

We’re not worried about our next paycheck, we will tell you what we’re thinking, even if you don’t like it and even if we’re wrong—we’re going to be honest, period.

3. We roll up our sleeves, right alongside you.

We act like a partner without equity.

4. We are prepared to win with the business and lose with the business.

In many cases we will lower our base fees by as much as 50% in exchange for a share of the bottom line improvement.

In 2012, we hired Kitchen Table Consultants to help us craft a business plan for our new not-for-profit organization. Not only did Ted interview each member of our Board in depth, but he undertook a sector analysis both locally, regionally and nationally, and got to know a significant number of the players in our field of sustainable agriculture in southeastern PA and beyond. Ted’s assistance has continued to be essential to our moving forward with our organization, although we were smart enough to bring him onto our Board and thus have the benefit of his wisdom on a regular basis.
Laura Siena

Board Chair , Lundale Farm

Our farm was going through a huge unexpected transition and we contacted PASA for some advice, who put us in touch with Kitchen Table Consultants. They helped us to revise our goals accordingly during a hard decision making process. We received great guidance in how to better streamline our organizational skills so we could minimize stress related to expense tracking, payroll, and taxes. They also helped us to design a renewed business plan that was more suitable for the new direction that we were headed. I can’t say enough about how valuable this improvement has been for our farming business. Trey and Deirdre Flemming

Owner, Two Gander Farm

Ted jumped right in with us right where we were at with our small farm business. Within a few sessions we were working towards clarified business goals supported by a profit and loss statement that actually meant something. He is practical, creative, incisive, and driven to provide real value. But finding weekly consults to be fun has been the biggest surprise. Roy Brubaker

Owner, Blue Rooster Farm

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